• the law cafe

    The Law Cafe (2022)

    Just having people on your side might be enough consolation to help someone feel relief. And that feeling is contagious enough to heal old scars. – Kim Jung Ho Drama Profile: Title: The Law Cafe Episodes: 16 Aired: Sep 5, 2022 – Oct 25, 2022 Original Network: KBS2, Viki, ViuTV Also known as: Love According to the Law Notes: Adapted from the web novel “Love According to Law” written by No Seung Ah and illustrated by Il Ri Genre: Legal / Romance Written by: Im Ji Eun Directed by: Lee Eun Jin (Feel Good To Die) Main Cast: Lee Seung-gi…

  • full house

    Full House (2004)

    There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. But our marriage is a marriage too. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. I’m never coming back. Let’s do our best. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then. – Han Ji Eun   Drama Profile: Title: Full House Episodes: 16 Aired: Jul 14, 2004 – Sep 2, 2004 Original Network: KBS2 Notes: Adapted from the manhwa “Full House” by…

  • zombie detective

    Zombie Detective (2020)

    “I’m in a rush but why am I so slow?” Drama Profile: Title: Zombie Detective Episodes: 24 (30 minutes) Aired: Sep 21, 2020 – Oct 27, 2020 Original Network: KBS2 Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Mystery Written by: Baek Eun Jin Directed by: Shim Jae Hyun Main Cast: Choi Jin-hyuk (Rugal) and Park Ju-hyun (Extracurricular) Synopsis: Kang Min-ho (Choi Jin-hyuk) wakes up and discovers that he is a zombie with no memories of his past. He trains himself to walk and talk like a human, covers up his scars with makeup, and assumes the identity of private detective Kim Moo-young…

  • descendants of the sun

    Descendants of the Sun (2016)

    The reason we do what we do is because it must be done. I believe that I fight for the peace and freedom of the land we live on. – Yoo Si Jin Drama Profile: Title: Descendants of the Sun Episodes: 16 Aired: Feb 24, 2016 – Apr 14, 2016 Original Network: KBS2 Genre: Romance / Melodrama / Action Notes: The drama is Song Joong-ki’s comeback project after serving his two years of mandatory military service. Written by: Kim Eun Sook (The Heirs), Kim Won Seok (The Queen’s Classroom) Directed by: Baek Sang Hoon (Who Are You: School 2015), Lee…

  • uncontrollably fond

    Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

    I am good at waiting, even if it is a thousand times but the thing I am most worried about, is the fact that one day I may not have to wait for him. -Noh Eul   Drama Profile: Title: Uncontrollably Fond Episodes: 20 Aired: Jul 6, 2016 – Sep 8, 2016 Original Network: KBS2 Also known as: Lightly, Ardently Genre: Romance / Melodrama Notes: The series reunited Kim Woo-bin and Lim Ju-eun who both starred in the hit drama The Heirs and Bae Suzy, Jin Kyung and Kim Ki-bang who starred in the historical drama Gu Family Book. Written…


    Love in the Moonlight (2016)

    You cannot take back the words spoken, you take responsibility of them. – Crown Prince Lee Yeong DRAMA PROFILE: Title: Love in the Moonlight Episodes: 18 Aired: August 22, 2016 until October 18, 2016 Original Network: KBS2 Also known as: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Genre: Historical / Coming-of-age / Romantic-comedy Written by: Im Ye Jin and Kim Min Jung (Who Are You:School 2015) Directed by: Baek Sang Hoon (Descendants of the Sun), Kim Seong Yoon (Who Are You:School 2015) Main Cast: Park Bo-gum (Reply 1988), Kim Yoo-jung (Love Cells Season 2), Jinyoung (Love Detective Sherlock K), Chae Soo-bin (Sassy Go…