Doctor Stranger (2014)

Everyone has a unique heartbeat. Just like everyone has a different face. Every pattern is different. There’s only one person who shares the same heartbeat as you, it’s your soulmate. – Park Hoon

Doctor Stranger

“Doctor Stranger” focuses on genius cardiothoracic surgeon Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk). After spending his childhood trapped in North Korea with his father, who was called there to perform heart surgery on none other than Kim Il Sung, Hoon successfully flees the country as an adult. Upon his return to South Korea, he is hired by the country’s top hospital, where he showcases his brilliant surgical skills including his uncanny ability to quickly diagnose a problem simply by touching someone’s heart. (Source: Soompi)


  • Lee Jong-suk as Park Hoon
    A South Korean who was raised in North Korea after his father was conned into going over to North. He trained to be a genius doctor in North Korea and later defects to South Korea in a bid to live a better life with his lover.
  • Jin Se-yeon as Song Jae-hee / Han Seung-hee
    Jae-hee is Park Hoon’s soul mate who was separated from him while they were escaping from North Korea; Seung-hee is a North Korean woman and is a specialist in oriental medicine anesthesia.
  • Park Hae-jin as Han Jae-joon / Lee Sung-hoon
    A genius who graduated from Harvard and became a doctor to take revenge on Myungwoo Hospital, as Park Hoon’s rival.
  • Kang So-ra as Oh Soo-hyun
    Daughter of the chairman of Myungwoo Hospital, a cardiothoracic surgeon




  • I found the plot really interesting.
  • A mix of so many things: corruption, spies, medicine, personal relationships, revenge, love, pain, lost, heartbreak and ambition.
  • I do think that the second female lead was a better candidate for the main role.
  • What I liked in this drama was Park Hae Jin’s great acting and those amazing moments of Kang So Ra and Lee Jong Suk.
  • Watch at your own risk.

My Rating Overall Rating – 8.0/10 (Doctor Stranger is a pretty decent medical drama and for some reason I did not get bored from watching this.)


  • People are naturally attracted to new and exciting things. – Han Jae Joon
  • The destiny I know isn’t about believing, I think it’s something you have to make. – Han Jae Joon
  • There’s no such thing as a lifelong friend or enemy. – Moon Hyung Wook
  • Getting a reward for doing something wrong, and getting penalized for doing something right. That’s politics. – President Hang Chan Sung
  • Multiple coincidences become fate. – Jang Seok Joo
  • A policeman just has to be good at catching criminals. A doctor just has to be good at fixing people. – Park Hoon
  • They say that you might not notice the filled spaces, but you always notice the empty spaces.


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