Good Doctor (2013)

Love is something that eases people’s suffering. I didn’t know that before. But after I thought about it deeply, there doesn’t seem to be a painkiller as perfect as this. – Park Si-on

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Park Si-on (Joo Won) is an autistic savant who was sent to a specialized care center as a child, where he was discovered to have a genius-level memory and keen spatial skills. He eventually enters the field of pediatric surgery as a resident, where he is given six months to prove himself capable. However, due to his atypical mental and emotional condition, Si-on faces conflict from his peers and patients, who view him as childlike and unreliable. Most critical is the hotheaded surgeon Kim Do-han (Joo Sang-wook), who labels him a soulless robot of a doctor who can only rely heavily on his photographic memory instead of feeling what the patient needs. Despite help from understanding and fair colleagues like Cha Yoon-seo (Moon Chae-won) and Han Jin-wook (Kim Young-kwang), the hospital is a fierce and competitive world, and the challenges Si-on faces become only greater when he falls in love with Yoon-seo. (Source : Wikipedia)

Joo Won as Park Si-on
Moon Chae-won as Cha Yoon-seo
Joo Sang-wook as Kim Do-han
Kim Min-seo as Yoo Chae-kyung
  • Genre : Medical drama / Romance / Comedy
  • It aired on KBS2 from August 5 to October 8, 2013 for 20 episodes.
  • The early working title was Green Scalpel.


  • This show teaches you about life, love, and overcoming your difficulties even when no one is supporting you.
  • It’s a feel good drama with a nice ending.
  • The cast and the acting was awesome.
  • Joo Sang Wook brings natural charisma to his role as Dr. Kim.
  • Moon Chae Won didn’t fail to be believable as Dr. Cha.
  • Joo Won portrayal of genius, autistic Park Si-On will leave you speechless. Everything about his performance, from the way he held his body to his speech, spoke of good research and execution.
  • The music is good and appropriate.
  • Good Doctor deserves to be watched, so please give it a try!

My Rating – 8.5/10


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