Extracurricular (2020)

Dreams are expensive. They get even more expensive for a kid without parents. You will never be able to buy them, no matter how hard you try.


“Extracurricular” is centered around three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result.

Kim Dong Hee will portray Ji Soo, who goes from a model student to a criminal after committing an unthinkable act. Jung Da Bin as school bully Min Hee, who gets caught up in Ji Soo’s crime. Park Joo Hyun will portray Ji Soo’s dangerous partner in crime Gyu Ri, while Nam Yoon Soo will appear as Min Hee’s boyfriend and the school’s most popular guy Ki Tae. (Source : MyDramalist)

  • Kim Dong-hee as Oh Ji-soo
  • Jung Da-bin as Seo Min-hee
  • Park Joo-hyun as Bae Gyu-ri
  • Nam Yoon-su as Kwak Ki-tae
  • Genre : Teen drama / Crime drama
  • It was released on Netflix on April 29, 2020.
  • No. of Episodes : 10


  • Extracurricular offers a refreshing take on the high school genre far away from cheesy and innocent first loves.
  • I managed to finish the series as it kept me on the edge with every episode and made me continue watching as I had to find out what will happen next.
  • The series had its boring moments.
  • The acting was simply amazing. All the lead actors aced their roles, which were not easy to pull of.
  • Not a drama for everyone. Death, pain, suffering, abuse, mental and physical struggle: it’s a perfect combination to get yourself in depressive state.
  • The ending is slightly open-ended.

My Rating – 8/10

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