The Power of Prayer

Our Boss decided that while working from home we will established a relay were someone post a message and will nominate a colleague to post the following day. It can be a story, a poem, a joke, a picture or something else, for us to keep connected and maybe to cheer us up. And I’ve got nominated to post for this day!

I wondered what topic I should share, and even joked to my friend that I will share my K-drama recommendation for them to binge-watch while we are on a quarantine. But then I decided to share some message about “The Power of Prayer”.  Thanks to my brother who is a pastor for helping me for this message.


The global pandemic Covid-19 has put worries in majority of the people in the world. Worries for their personal health and to the welfare of their families as well. In addition to this pandemic, the enhanced community quarantine stops most of the people with their normal lifestyle and daily activities. This may add more worry and questions in our heart. Is God working with our situation? To answer that question we must first realize that God is sovereign. He is in control in every situation and has the power over all creation. This global pandemic clearly has a message to everyone of us.

  • First, we are limited and finite human being and we don’t have the power to control everything.
  • Second, we must realize that there is GOD who is more powerful than us. If there is God that is more powerful than us, all we need to do is to pray. Prayer should never be the last resort of God’s people. It should be our first point of action.


The power of prayer
Jeremiah 33:3


Prayer and relationship to our God may be always our last priority. In this situation we are facing today, one purpose that is clear is the Lord is giving us more time to kneel and pray. More time to reflect our lives and relationship to God. We should rest in the fact that our God is a sovereign God who is in control of ALL things.


the power of prayer
2 Chronicles 7:14


This verse clearly state that the Lord can immediately stop this global pandemic if the people who call on His name will humble themselves and pray and turned from wicked ways, the Lord will surely heal our land.


Let’s use this time of enhanced community quarantine to :

  • RESET – your mind, body, and soul from the noise of the world.
  • REFLECT – that there are more valuable things than fulfillment, fame and finance.
  • REMEMBER – that God is Mightier and no virus can change the fact that through Jesus we have a Father in heaven who cares for us.


We can get past this! Let’s continue praying for the faith of our world and for the safety of our brothers and sisters across the globe.


Keep safe, be positive and be blessed, everyone!


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  • Meki (Redefining Us)

    Amen! As a Christian, prayer is so important to me not just to ask God for material and non-material stuff but to also really converse with him & seek His will. Let’s keep on keeping on! Thanks for this!

  • dawnlyndelle

    “God is Mightier” – Amen, sister! Prayer to the Lord is indeed powerful. I believe that God has a message for us amidst this global pandemic and I believe that He is touching all our hearts to turn back to Him. <3

  • Mary Rae Caja Floresca

    Lalo na ngayon, these spiritual reminders are very essential. I also came across by those verses sa iba ko rin gustong influencers. Tumatak din talaga sakin yung 2 Chronicles 7:14. 🙂 Let’s have faith.

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