Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump (2024)

Back then, I thought if I kept trying hard as I’d always done, life would continue to be just fine like it had been before. – Yeo Jeong Woo

Drama Profile:
  • Title: Doctor Slump
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Jan 27, 2024 – Mar 17, 2024
  • Original Network: jTBC, Netflix
  • Genre: Medical Drama / Romantic Comedy
  • Written by: Baek Sun Woo (My Roommate Is a Gumiho)
  • Directed by: Oh Hyun Jong (The One and Only)
  • Main Cast: Park Hyung-sik (Our Blooming Youth), Park Shin-hye (Sisyphus: The Myth), Yoon Park (Delightfully Deceitful), and Kong Seong-ha (The First Child)
  • Synopsis: “Doctor Slump” tells the love story of two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s light during the darkest period of their lives. Park Hyung Sik plays Yeo Jung Woo, a star plastic surgeon whose thriving career suddenly falls into danger due to a strange medical accident, while Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha Neul, a workaholic anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome. (Source: Soompi)
K-drama Feels:
  • Doctor Slump tackles relevant topics like burnout, societal pressure, and mental health.
  • The drama offers a relatable and heartwarming look at everyday life, friendships, and community.
  • The romance is cute, but the pacing drags and some tropes feel cliché.
  • Doctor Slump’s charm lies in its slice-of-life approach
  • If you crave a strong plot or deep exploration of mental health themes, you might find it lacking.
  • Despite its flaws, Doctor Slump remains a decent drama worthy of a one time viewing.

My Rating – 8.5/10 (Charming watch for those who enjoy slice-of-life dramas with relatable characters.)


Doctor Slump K-drama Quotes
  • “If you keep living selfishly like this, you’ll be punished for it.” – Dae Yeong
  • “They once said in a movie that failure and defeat meant different things. Anyone can fail but defeat was an utter fiasco usually found in legends. I was defeated.” – Yeo Jeong Woo
  • “I thought, ‘The path I’m on might not lead to an island of treasure’. But I kept going while full of doubt. Even if the treasure chest was empty. I wanted to keep going until I could open it myself.” – Nam Haneul
  • “Even if my life wasn’t that precious, I still didn’t think it was a worthless life. So why did I want to die?” – Nam Haneul
  • “You’re just not aware that you’re exhausted. But we all get emotionally weary at times.” – Psychiatrist
  • “You don’t have to take it so seriously. You pushed yourself too hard and couldn’t rest when you were tired. It’s an illness of the mind.” – Psychiatrist
  • “As if someone was trying to ruin your life on purpose, life doesn’t go your way in times like this. We call this a slump. And this period of time, no matter when, no matter who it is, and no matter the reason, it will always come.” – Nam Haneul
  • “Despite not knowing our futures, we still waited for the sun to rise.” – Yeo Jeong Woo
  • “I think you’re too harsh on yourself. Don’t worry about what others think and take care of yourself first. You need to be okay today to help yourself make it through tomorrow.” – Yeo Jeong Woo
  • “Everyone has their own misfortunes, so I told myself to be grateful for what I had. And I was proud of myself for having endured it pretty well. But looking back, I didn’t endure it because I was strong. It was because I had never hit rock bottom before.” – Yeo Jeong Woo

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