Our Blooming Youth (2023)

No. of Episode: 20
Genre: Period Drama | Romance | Mystery
Starring: Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee

SYNOPSIS: “Our Blooming Youth” tells the story of a prince suffering from a mysterious curse and a genius woman who is accused of murdering her family members. Their romance develops through the process of Crown Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik) saving Min Jae Yi (Jeon So Nee) from her false accusation and Min Jae Yi saving Lee Hwan from his curse. (Source: Soompi)

FEELS: Starts out very well, then slows down and might get a bit boring but the show definitely makes up for that part in the end. An entertaining historical drama, more focused on mystery and hidden identities rather than romance. Nothing memorable, but a decent one-time watch.

My Rating – 8.0/10

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