Canola (2016)

Even when life is hard… if someone’s on your side, it’s possible to go on. I’m on your side, so live however you want to. – Gye Choon


“Canola” tells the story of a girl named Hye Ji (Kim Go Eun) who goes missing as a little girl. After 12 years, she’s found and reunited with her grandmother (Youn Yuh Jung) who lives on Jeju Island. The grandma is thrilled to have her granddaughter back in her life and quickly gets acquainted with her, but Hye Ji finds it a bit more difficult to adjust to her new life. (Source: Soompi)


  • Youn Yuh-jung as Gye-choon
  • Kim Go-eun as Hye-ji


  • Genre: Drama Film
  • Release Date: May 19, 2016


  • Canola is a family drama with life lesson, a drama that goes beyond, the story of the movie is interesting and beautiful.
  • The cast and the acting in this film was one of the good points.
  • Acting was very convincing and everyone did a great job.
  • There is no words to describe about Youn Yuh Jung in this movie. Her acting takes this movie to another level.
  • Kim Go Eun has done excellent job in this movie.
  • If you have had a grandma whom you shared a good bond with, then this movie is gonna take you down the memory lane and would make you miss her!
  • My only problem was that Choi Min Ho’s pretty face was such a waste in this movie because of the very brief role he had to play.
  • Would I recommend this movie? Absolutely.

My Rating – 8.5/10 (This was such a beautiful and heartfelt movie and I am so glad I finally watched it.)


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