Alchemy Of Souls Season 2

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2: Light And Shadow (2022)

Do you know how I felt when I decided to feign ignorance and leave her behind? I turned away with the knowledge that I must slay her if I acknowledged who she was. – Jang Uk

alchemy of souls season 2
Drama Profile:
  • Title: Alchemy Of Souls Season 2: Light And Shadow
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Dec 10, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023
  • Original Network: Netflix, tvN
  • Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Period drama / Action
  • Written by: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran (Alchemy Of Souls Season 1)
  • Directed by: Park Joon Hwa (Touch Your Heart)
  • Main Cast: Lee Jae-wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), Go Youn-jung (Sweet Home Season 1), and Hwang Min-hyun (Live On)
  • Synopsis: Jang Uk returns from death, and three years later, the story of the mages unfolds anew. Jang Uk becomes a hunter of the soul-shifters when a young woman, a prisoner in her own home, seeks his help to reclaim her freedom. (Source: Mydramalist)
K-drama Feels:

Story: This season didn’t disappoint me though mas bet ko pa din ang Season 1. I’m fully satisfied with the story. For me, the ending was perfect. Pwede naman palang happy ending eh!

Acting/Cast: The actors did a great job from main leads to supporting characters. I loved Lee Jae Wook’s acting. Okay naman si Youn Jung, pero mas okay sana kung si So Min pa din ang female lead. This season di ko masyadong ramdam ang presence ni Hwang Min Hyun hindi tulad nung season 1.

Chemistry: I really loved the dynamics between Crown Prince and Jang Uk. Aliw din ako kina Park Jin at Maidservant Kim. Medyo hindi ganun kalakas yung chemistry ni Jang Uk at Jin Bu Yeon, iba pa rin yung lakas ng dating ng tambalan ni Jae Wook at So Min sa Season 1.

Overall: I would recommend this drama to people who love fantasy and heartbreaking romance.


My Rating – 8.5/10 (Even with the slow pace, this is a good watch.)


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