reborn rich

Reborn Rich (2022)

The rule had no exceptions. Everything that happened in my previous life happened again in this lifetime without exception. And the person who killed me was none other than myself. – Jin Do Jun

reborn rich

Drama Profile:
  • Title: Reborn Rich
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Nov 18, 2022 – Dec 25, 2022
  • Original Network: jTBC, ViuTV
  • Also known as: The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate
  • Notes: Adapted from the web novel “Youngest Son of a Conglomerate” 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Period, Revenge
  • Written by: Kim Tae Hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days)
  • Directed by: Jeong Dae Yun (I’m Not a Robot)
  • Main Cast: Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo), Lee Sung-min (Shadow Detective), and Shin Hyun-been (Monstrous)
  • Synopsis: The series tells the story of Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki), a loyal higher-up employee working for chaebol Soonyang Group, who was betrayed and murdered by a member of the Soonyang family. Hyun-woo later wakes up in 1987 discovering that he has been reincarnated into the body of Jin Do-jun, youngest grandson of the Soonyang family. Using these circumstances to his advantage, he starts his revenge by plotting a hostile takeover of Soonyang Group. (Source: Wikipedia)
K-drama Feels:

Story: Addictive story. I love how the story got us all hooked up about Jin Do-jun and his struggles to own Soonyang. This drama has more plot twist than you expected. Totally unexpected and interesting ending. Ayos naman ang lahat except lang sa romance part na pwede namang wala na sana. 

Acting/Cast: Impressive cast. Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung-min were all superb as always and so did all the supporting cast. Bakit ganun nakakainlove panuorin si SJK? Another great drama of Song Joong Ki. He knows what shows to pick.

Overall: It was a satisfying ending for me. A difficult watch but if you enjoy a challenge and a little eye candy to boot – this is one to watch.


My Rating – 8.5/10 (A very good watch.)


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