Abyss (2019)

They say good looks are all that matters. Even when I’m covered in blood, I look fashionable… I look good, don’t I? – Cha Min


Abyss Synopsis : Go Se-yeon is a beautiful prosecution lawyer at the top of her game, and Cha Min is her friend, an unattractive but rich heir to a cosmetics empire. They are both revived into different bodies by supernatural beings using an “Abyss” after their deaths in separate incidents. The “Abyss” is a celestial object which has the power to revive anything that has died; the reincarnated bodies take on the appearance of that person’s soul. Go Se-yeon takes on a plainer appearance, whilst Cha Min becomes very attractive and young; virtually the opposite of before. They start working together to find out the reason for their revival and who caused Go Se-yeon’s death. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Park Bo-young as Go Se-yeon and Lee Mi-Do
  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Cha Min
  • Lee Sung-jae as Oh Yeong-cheol / Oh Seong-cheol
  • Genre : Romantic comedy / Fantasy / Crime
  • It aired on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix worldwide from May 6, 2019, to June 25, 2019 for 16 episodes.
  • Actors Seo In-guk and Jung So-min recently acted in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes in 2018 made a special appearances.


  • Abyss had so much potential with that all-star cast and the fantasy story.
  • I liked the main leads chemistry. They sure were the best thing about this drama.
  • I loved Park Bo Young’s acting. She was truly impressing. I really adored her character, she was actually very fun to watch.
  • This drama started off strong and ended so weak but still the ending is satisfying.
  • The series is getting a lot of negative comments, yes, there are some boring episodes, but overall, it was an enjoyable watch for me.

My Rating – 8/10

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