K-drama Summary List (2019)

Mukhang naging busy yata ako nung 2019 dahil sa mga fanmeeting, fan gathering at pati na din sa pag-update ng Facebook Page at minsan paggawa ng article sa Chingu to the World kaya medyo kumonti ang nadagdag sa watched list ko.

  • 10 – 2019 K-dramas
  • 20 – Old K-dramas (2010-2018)
  • 1 – 2019 K-movie
  • 4 – Old K-movies (2011-2015)
  • 3 – TV Show/Reality Show (New Journey to the West Season 1 / Little Forest / Busted! Season 2)
  • 50 Episodes of On-going Variety Show (Master in the House)
  • 4 Episodes of different Variety Show


Thanks 2019 for the wonderful Korean dramas, movies and variety show that I’ve got to enjoy and I had a lot of fun memories watching my favorites Korean Actors/Actresses.


And now it’s time to wish for more drama watching hours for me to enjoy the new batch of entertaining dramas this 2020.


FANGIRL CLANG TOP FAVORITES: (in no particular order): (Heto yung mga ilang dramang napanuod ko nung 2019 na nagbigay sakin ng napakadaming FEELS. Mga dramang para sa akin ay 9/10 – 10/10 ang rating.)


RATING – 10/10

  • LITTLE FOREST (2019)This show is sure to put a smile on your face. It was amazing till the last episode. You won’t be disappointed investing your time into this.
  • SECRET GARDEN (2010)The story is simple, but well told. Funny, heartbreaking, interesting and it gives me so much feels. I’d have to count this as one of my fave kdrama.

RATING – 9.5/10

  • HER PRIVATE LIFE (2019)If you want a good rom-com with great actors and chemistry (and a lot of kisses), I definitely recommend this drama. 
  • MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 (2013)There are no words to describe how I truly feel about this movie. It was a complete emotional roller coaster ride. I watched it for the second time and still I cried.

RATING – 9.0/10

  • ANGEL’S LAST MISSION : LOVE (2019)I fell in love with this drama from the very start to the end. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but who cares? You will not regret investing your time and heart into this show.
  • BUSTED 2 (2019)I really like the team’s chemistry and it’s hard not to laugh while watching them. The twist at the end of the series shocked me so much.
  • DEFENDANT (2017)Great actors, excellent plot. This is a must-watch.
  • HELLO MONSTER (2015)If you want a perfect blend of thriller, crime, action, romance and drama, this is the series to watch. Hello Monster is a great drama which you shouldn’t miss out on.
  • JUROR 8 (2019)Such an interesting, well-balanced movie: funny, touching, thought-provoking!
  • LAWLESS LAWYER (2018)Lawless Lawyer was a very enjoyable ride from start to finish. Lee Joon Gi is always amazing and it was a joy to watch him.
  • REPLY 1997 (2012)I find the story cute, nice, refreshing and down to earth. It’s about love, friendship and extreme fan culture. It was definitely a good watch.
  • SKY CASTLE (2018)This amazing series takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It’s filled with twists and turns and so many lessons to be learned from it especially for parents.
  • VAGABOND (2019)Vagabond is full of action and after every episode you are left with the feeling “what would happen next”. This drama was worth it. I’m not disappointed with its incomplete ending as long as there’s a season 2 and I will be happy to wait for it just to see my Cha Dal-geon again.



    2. TERIUS BEHIND ME (2018)
    3. MY STRANGE HERO (2018)
    4. REPLY 1988 (2015)
    5. SKY CASTLE (2018)
    6. HIGH SOCIETY (2015)
    7. THIRD CHARM (2018)
    8. LAWLESS LAWYER (2018)
    9. REPLY 1997 (2012)
    10. ENCOUNTER (2018)
    11. KINGDOM (2019)
    12. PRISON PLAYBOOK (2017)
    13. ENTOURAGE (2016)
    14. HELLO MONSTER (2015)
    15. HER PRIVATE LIFE (2019)
    16. ABYSS (2019)
    17. ANGEL’S LAST MISSION : LOVE (2019)
    18. DREAM HIGH (2011)
    19. CITY HUNTER (2011)
    20. ONE SPRING NIGHT (2019)
    21. SHOPPING KING LOUIE (2016)
    22. DEFENDANT (2017)
    24. HOTEL DEL LUNA (2019)
    25. 38 TASK FORCE (2016)
    26. SECRET GARDEN (2010)
    27. VAGABOND (2019)
    28. TOUCH YOUR HEART (2019)
    29. MISS HAMMURABI (2018)
    30. EXTRAORDINARY YOU (2019)


    1. ALWAYS (2011)
    2. THE BEAUTY INSIDE (2015)
    3. JUROR 8 (2019)
    4. NO BREATHING (2013)
    5. MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 (2013)


  • NEW JOURNEY TO THE WEST (2015) – Season 1
  • LITTLE FOREST (2019)
  • BUSTED 2 (2019)
  • MASTER IN THE HOUSE – Episodes 50-99
  • RUNNING MAN – Episodes 228-229
  • 2 DAYS & 1 NIGHT – Season 1 – Episodes 41-42


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  • Erk Zek Ranoco Tolentino

    Not a fan of Kdramas, but we usually watched it on tagalized in ABS and we’ve watched Hotel Del Luna and of course who wouldn’t know miracle in cell no 2

  • Mumshie Nica

    Thank you for sharing this list. I’m a fan of K-Drama since Endless Love 1! haha. Pero for now konti lang napapanood ko since I already have a child, so sa free time lang ako nakakanood which is really rare 😀
    Pangpahaba ito ng backlog ko for K-dramas 😀

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