Thank you for … for being my daughter. – Lee Yong-gu

Miracle in Cell No. 7

The film is about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for murder, who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, who in return help him see his daughter again by smuggling her into the prison. (Wikipedia)


Miracle in Cell No. 7

  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Lee Yong-gu
  • Kal So-won as Ye-sung (Child)
  • Park Shin-hye as Ye-sung (Adult)
  • 2013 South Korean comedy-drama film
  • The film’s early working title was December 23
  • On March 15, 2013, 52 days after its release, ticket sales reached 12.32 million, making it the fifth highest grossing Korean film of all time.
  • The film was also adapted in the Philippines with the same title, starring Aga Muhlach, Bela Padilla and Xia Vigor.
  • There are no words to describe how I truly feel about this movie. It was a complete emotional roller coaster ride. I watched it for the second time and still I cried.
  • It’s not just a movie but a piece of art that seriously touches you deep within. One of the best Korean movies I’ve seen.
  • This movie is a real tear-jerker especially at the last part.
  • What I see and feel in this movies is just love in the purest kind.
  • The cast did a great job on portraying their individual roles.
  • Ryu Seung Ryong did a extraordinary job in believable portraying a mentally disabled person.
  • The little girl Kal So-won as Ye Sung, she was amazing.
  • The father and daughter bond was for me the driving force of the story.
  • The relationship between Ye Sung and the prisoners of cell No.7 was definitely the highlight of the movie.
  • To anyone who is debating on watching this movie. Just watch it. Its worth every minute.

Well-worth watching. Touching. Funny. Heart-wrenching. Make sure to watch this with a tissue box!

My Rating – 9.5/10



What do you think about Miracle in Cell No. 7? Share your ‘feels’!


  • Travel with Karla

    I actually remember this movie when I heard about the killing of Winston Ragos, an army veteran. The man is mentally disturbed because of war trauma and yet the policemen fired two shots making sure he’s killed. What’s happening in the Philippines these days is really alarming. I hope more people can watch this movie.

  • iamraediant

    I don’t have the courage to watch this as I already read the plot. Although, I really admire the dedication and story entailed in this movie. I remember my mom told me when they watched this in Filipino interpretation, she cried buckets of tears!

  • KapampanganTraveller

    Majority of the netizens who watched this film have corroborating statements with yours. It is indeed a tear jerker. Maybe watching this in a movie house will really bring you the immersive experience and the emotional transcendence.

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