Vagabond (2019)

When will we get better? Do you think time will heal all wounds?

K-Drama Couch Recap: Vagabond Episode 4

Vagabond Synopsis : A mysterious plane crash kills over 211 civilians, including Cha Dal-gun’s (Lee Seung-gi) nephew. Determined to find out the truth behind the accident, Cha Dal-gun embarks on an investigation that leads him to a tangled web of corruption. His life intertwines with Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy), a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service. (Source : Wikipedia)



  • Lee Seung-gi as Cha Dal-gun
  • Bae Suzy as Go Hae-ri
  • Shin Sung-rok as Ki Tae-woong
  • Genre : Spy / Crime / Action / Thriller / Romance
  • It aired on SBS TV from September 20 to November 23, 2019 for 16 episodes.
  • Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy previously starred together in Gu Family Book (2013).
  • Overseas filming took place in Tanger and Sahara in Morocco and some scenes in Portugal.
  • The series is streamed worldwide on Netflix.


  • The drama has lots of suspense in it. I enjoyed this action thriller.
  • It has a very unpredictable scenes and you will definitely get shocked with its twists.
  • Every setting and scene has something to unveil to the audience, so it won’t bore you.
  • This series got me racking my brain because of its complicated plot twists. That only made the drama more intriguing and entertaining.
  • All the actors were amazing and they did a good job in their respective roles.
  • No one could have done justice to Cha Dal Geon’s character like Lee Seung Gi did. His acting was on another level and his emotions were right on point.

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  • It ended with a cliffhanger that leaves viewers asking a lot of questions but also opens a door of possibility of a second season.
  • Overall, it was a very captivating and a drama worth your time, highly recommended for action genre lovers!

My Rating – 9/10



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