Little Forest (2019)

We can’t use bad words in front of the kids. – Lee Seung Gi

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Little Forest Overview : The program is a 16 episode series program to “Caring for Kids in the Nature” for children who have no place to play with and is a healing variety program designed as a home kids garden development project for children. The kids will spend 2 days and 1 night with the cast, away from their parents for the first time.

Lee Seung-Gi and Jung So-Min are certified child psychology counselor and Lee Seo-jin is a certified chef who went through training for a cooking course to cater for young kids. Park Na-Rae also took a cooking course. Lee Seung-gi has some experience in woodworking and utilizes the wood workshop to build fun activities for the kids. (Source : Wikipedia)


Little Forest

  • Lee Seo-jin
  • Lee Seung-gi
  • Park Na-rae
  • Jung So-min
  • Genre : Children’s series / Reality television / Variety show
  • Little Forest is a South Korean television entertainment program, broadcast by SBS on every Monday and Tuesday between 12 August and 7 October 2019.
  • Episode 1 Hello, Little Kids
  • Episode 2 The First Official Day at Little Forest
  • Episode 3 First Night at Little Forest
  • Episode 4 It’s Raining at Little Forest
  • Episode 5 Hello, Jeong Heon
  • Episode 6 I Miss Mommy
  • Episode 7 A Picnic to the Streams
  • Episode 8 Making Sujebi
  • Episode 9 Let’s Go Camping
  • Episode 10 Blueberry Fairies
  • Episode 11 The Little Kids Go to the Market
  • Episode 12 The Little Kids Go to an Apple Farm
  • Episode 13 Apple Pies for Breakfast
  • Episode 14 Little Puppies
  • Episode 15 The Alumni Gathering
  • Episode 16 The Last Little Forest



  • Who would have thought that the show would be this much amazing and perfect.
  • I loved watching the interactions between the aunts/uncles and the kids.
  • You will develop a kind of special connection to the kids because you feel as if you were their parent watching how they are growing.
  • I have to give my admiration to all four of the hosts, who grew their skill set for this show as well.
  • Highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed investing your time into this and you will end up loving every single aspect of this show.

My Rating – 10/10



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  • Nieleth

    Watching this show made me want to have adorable kids and a husband like Lee Seung Gi 😍🤣 Gosh, he’s so adorable and sweet to the kids. I’m sure he would be an amazing dad someday. I kinda low-key ship Lee Seung Gi and Jung So Min as well because they look like a lovely couple with their kids 😍 Highly recommended if you’re looking for a heartwarming show 😘

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