Hotel Del Luna (2019)


“Feeling sad and disappointed is only natural when witnessing disappearances. When a flower withers away, just like it dreams of new blossom, you’ll live, meet, and love again.”

hotel del luna

Hotel Del Luna Synopsis : IU stars as Jang Man Wol, the supernatural head honcho of Hotel Del Luna, an ephemeral hotel which is mostly staffed by a slew of supernatural crew and serves spirits who are in need of a dwelling in the human realm. Gu Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) takes up employment at Hotel Del Luna as a human manager after fortuitous events led his father to become indebted to Jang Man Wol. As he settles into his role, Gu Chan Sung slowly unravels the secrets behind the hotel and its longstanding owner. (Source : Soompi)

  • Lee Ji-eun as Jang Man-wol
  • Yeo Jin-goo as Koo Chan-sung
  • Genre : Dark fantasy / Romantic comedy
  • It aired on tvN from July 13 to September 1, 2019 for 16 episodes.
  • It was the most viewed tvN drama of 2019, and it is the twelfth-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history.


  • Hotel Del Luna was filled with moments that were relatable, hilarious and heart breaking.
  • The actors all had great chemistry together, especially the main leads. I really liked the way each relationship was explained and portrayed.
  • The supporting cast complements the main leads well, providing some comedic relief and some interesting side-story.
  • Yoo Jin Goo done justice to his character
  • IU does an excellent job in portraying the character of Jang Man-wol. She absolutely nails her performance. Also her outfits were beautiful and just perfectly matched the extravagant nature of her character.
  • OSTs are seriously worth listening to. My personal favorites : A Poem Called You by Taeyeon / Done For Me by Punch / Remember Me by Gummy / So Long by Paul Kim / Can You See My Heart by Heize
  • Cameo roles in this series are the best : Lee Joon Gi and Kim Soo Hyun are my faves.
  • I recommend adjusting expectations and giving this drama a chance.

My Rating – 8.5/10

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