Twenty (2015)

Life is definitely hard and frustrating. – Kyung-jae


Twenty Synopsis : Chi-ho, Kyung-jae and Dong-woo are best friends who’ve just graduated from high school and turned 20. Chi-ho is an unemployed player living in the moment and whose number one priority is dating and chasing women. Kyung-jae is a goody-two-shoes university student whose goal is to get accepted at a corporate job; he’s extremely shy around girls, but completely transforms when he gets drunk. And happy-go-lucky Dong-woo dreams of becoming a cartoonist, but when his family goes bankrupt, he’s forced to become the breadwinner and take on several part-time jobs. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Kim Woo-bin as Chi-ho (a passionate and horny youth without a job)
  • Lee Junho as Dong-woo (a cartoonist-wannabe who struggles to manage multiple part-time jobs while studying to get into university)
  • Kang Ha-neul as Kyung-jae (a common university student who has everything he needs)
  • Twenty is a 2015 South Korean coming-of-age film.
  • It was released in South Korea on March 25, 2015.


  • It’s a slice of life, bromance, relationship struggles, and finding your own path in life.
  • The movie touches on a lot of internal struggles that young people face when they reach this age of “adulthood”, especially for young men.
  • Woo bin, Ha Neul and Jun Ho on screen for a good 90 minutes was the best part of this movie.
  • The chemistry between the three is great and they worked well together.
  • If you have never watched this movie, you should give it a try and you won’t regret it.
  • Overall, I liked this movie and I recommend you watch it after a long, tiring day.

My Rating – 8/10

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