Are You Human Too? (2018)

The rule is to hug you if you cry. – Nam Shin III

are you human too?

The drama tells of an android called Nam Shin III who must pretend to be the son of a rich family when the real Nam Shin falls into a coma.

Nam Shin’s mother, Oh Ro Ra, is a genius on brain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) so when her son, the real Nam Shin, is taken away from her at a young age, in her grief she creates an android that looks exactly like her son and has it grow up in the place of Nam Shin.

But when Nam Shin, who is a third generation heir to PK group, gets in an accident and is comatose, the android Nam Shin III must learn how to take his place. (Source : MyDramalist)


are you human too?

  • Seo Kang-jun as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bong
  • Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoon
  • Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Laura Oh
  • Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gil
  • Park Yeong-gyu as Nam Gun-ho
  • Genre : Science fiction / Romance / Politics / Mystery
  • It aired on KBS2’s Mondays and Tuesdays time slot, from June 4 to August 7, 2018 for 36 episodes.
  • The series is written by Jo Jung-joo (The Princess’ Man, 2011) and directed by Cha Young-hoon (Uncontrollably Fond, 2016).
  • Go A-ra was offered the role of the female lead but declined.


  • The show was thoughtful with a beautiful message : What does humanity truly mean?, What does it mean to be a human being?
  • I’m not usually a fan of suspenseful sci-fi dramas like these, but I loved this! There are enough mind-blowing plot twists and shocking cliffhangers to keep us engaged.
  • The music for me fits perfectly with this drama.
  • What truly made me fall in love with this drama was the stellar performance acting of Seo Kang Joon. He is just brilliant. He played two very different characters flawlessly. Show is worth the watch just to see him in action.

Animated gif about gif in Asian Dramas by Pooja

  • A surprisingly engaging and enjoyable ride.
  • If you don’t mind interspecies romance between a robot and a human, definitely give it a try!

My Rating – 9/10



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