The Battleship Island (2017)

If this plan is leaked, you’ll be dead in my hands. – Moo-young

the battleship island

The Battleship Island Synopsis : Set during Imperial Japan’s colonial occupation of Korea during World War 2, a group of over 400 Koreans endure harsh forced labor on Hashima Island and risk their lives to attempt a daring escape. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Hwang Jung-min as Lee Kang-ok
  • So Ji-sub as Choi Chil-sung
  • Song Joong-ki as Park Moo-young
  • Lee Jung-hyun as Oh Mal-nyeon
  • The film reunites Hwang Jung-min with Ryoo Seung-wan, who directed the 2015 hit movie Veteran starring Hwang.
  • Production cost about five times more than the average locally produced film due to the massive lifelike sets.
  • While the island provided the inspiration for the plot, The Battleship Island was not filmed on location. The sets were built in Chuncheon and were designed to resemble the conditions of Hashima Island’s community and mines during the 1940s.
  • The New York Times noted that the film “vividly conveys the pain of a national wartime trauma whose scars clearly have not healed.” Although some aspects of the violence and overly-theatrical storylines were criticized, critics have praised the camera work and Ryoo for his effective use of a large-scale action set.


  • Based on true events, so we should count ourselves blessed to not having to experience the things people have gone through in the past.
  • Great performance of all the characters. The acting was so realistic. Thumbs up to the great cast.
  • Father and daughter relationship between Lee Kang Ok and So Hee are the best!
  • Song Joong-ki and So Ji-sub are nice to watch!
  • If you’re a fan of Korean war movies based on real history, then you will probably like this one.
  • The movie is worth to watch for its story, message and cast.

My Rating – 8/10

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