The World of the Married (2020)

Everything was perfect. Everyone that surrounds me had me fooled perfectly. – Dr. Ji Sun-woo

Five Reasons To Watch Korea's Latest TV Craze “A World Of Married ...


The World of the Married Synopsis : Ji Sun Woo is a family doctor and is married to Lee Tae Oh, with whom she shares a teenaged son. Lee Tae Oh, with the financial support of his wife, has established an entertainment company and dreams of becoming a famous director. They seem to have everything; successful careers and happy family life. But that perfect image will soon be shattered when one spouse betrays the other, and those that serve to protect them. (Source : MyDramalist)


The World of the Married

  • Kim Hee-ae as Ji Sun-woo
  • Park Hae-joon as Lee Tae-oh
  • Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung
  • Also known as A World of Married Couple / The World of a Married Couple
  • Genre : Melodrama / Romance / Family / Thriller
  • The series is based on BBC One’s drama series Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones in the title role.
  • It aired on JTBC from March 27 to May 16, 2020 for 16 episodes.
  • The World of the Married is the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history, overtaking SKY Castle with its final episode reaching a nationwide rating of 28.371%.
  • The drama received positive reviews from critics for its screenplay, direction and acting performances, while its content generated high attention and discussion.


  • The main focus of the drama is married life mainly focusing on the negative aspects, from toxic relationships to cheating.
  • From beginning to end, the show never lost its intensity. The story is so unpredictable.
  • The characters are definitely the strongest part of the drama. All the actors delivered spectacular performances.
  • Kim Hee Ae’s acting is beyond phenomenal.
  • Lesson Learned : Cheating is NOT ok and you don’t have to forgive it.
  • Captivating and very realistic. Highly recommended for mature audience.
  • Its popularity is well earned and well worth the ride.

My Rating – 8.5/10


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  • Dems

    Love how this kdrama dove right into the issue at hand and explored the emotions of the parties involved + showed all their backstories. It started strong but became mellow towarda the end. It’s a drama you wouldn’t easily forget.

  • Danica Airelle Marasigan

    I’ve also watched this- the scenes are really intense and breathtaking! Susundan mo talaga yung storya. And I agree that the plot is unpredictable. There lots of twists.

    Siguro, karamihan ayaw nila ng World of Married. Mabigat kasi panoorin. For me, what I liked the most is yung acting, cinematography and effects – grabe. No doubt marami siyang awards. Pangit nga lang yung ending parang bitin for me.

  • karlaniiinz

    Grabe lang tong palabas na to. Eto pa naman first Kdrama na napanood ko. Naloka ako episode 1 pa lang. HAHAHA pero ang daming realizations dito. Marami tayong matututunan. Galing din ng mga actors!

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