Memorist (2020)

I always wondered… whether the media was garbage because of society, or if society is what it is because of the media. Thanks for enlightening me. – Han Sun-mi


Memorist Synopsis : With the power to read people’s memories, Dong Baek solves crimes as a detective in the police force. When a string of serial murders happen, Dong Baek teams up with talented criminal profiler Han Sun-mi to stop the killer and prevent further deaths. However, as they pursue the killer, the truth about their individual troubled pasts begins to unravel, and the murders quickly become far more convoluted than anything they had foreseen. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Yoo Seung-ho as Dong Baek/Sung Ju Ho
  • Lee Se-young as Han Sun-mi
  • Jo Sung-ha as Lee Shin-woong
  • Genre : Crime / Mystery / Fantasy
  • Based on the 2016–2018 Daum webtoon of the same name by Jae Hoo.
  • It aired on tvN from March 11 to April 30, 2020 for 16 episodes.
  • The drama serves as a reunion between Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-young who previously worked together on the MBC drama Missing You (2012–13).


  • If you are willing to work your brain and sit through total confusion and twists and turns every episode for 16 episodes you might probably like it.
  • The overall acting in this drama is so good.
  • The chemistry between Lee Se Young and Yoo Seung Ho was really good even though there was no romance.
  • Yoo Seung Ho did a phenomenal job as a person with supernatural powers. As expected, he always nails his role. He appeared more charismatic in this series.
  • The drama plot is really fun to follow if you are an avid crime/fantasy watcher. It was really confusing at times but by the end everything was explained well so I don’t really mind all the confusion.

My Rating – 8.5/10

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  • mytravelatte.com

    I’m not a fan of K-drama series but this one which has a mix of 3 genre looks interesting. I don’t even notice familiar korean artist on this. I think most of them are new artists.

  • ellie

    Thank you so much
    Main role #Yooseungho top star in korea
    He showed his passion for gaining weight for the role

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