Why Lee Seung Gi’s Vagabond Voyage in Manila Was Most Precious

Of all the articles I’ve written in Chingu To The World, the Lee Seung Gi’s Vagabond Voyage in Manila was extra special to me. So, I wanna share it here in my blog.


(first published on October 13, 2019 at Chingu To The World)

Amidst the heavy rains, nothing can stop the Filipino Airens to meet and greet the one and only “Triple Threat Entertainer” Lee Seung Gi. ‘Vagabond Voyage in Manila’ fan meeting tour of Lee Seung Gi held at the New Frontier Theater last October 12, 2019 could only be considered as success.


Personally, I have been waiting for that moment to finally see my Ultimate oppa. It felt so surreal and the Fan Meeting was totally satisfying and really a night to remember. Here are some of my favorite moments from Lee Seung Gi’s fan meeting:



vagabond voyage in manila


Lee Seung Gi opened the stage with his song “Because You’re My Woman”


“Return” (I love the melody of this song.)


“Delete” (“Thank you for giving me good memories… Personally, I’m the most nervous right now. All the love I received tonight I’ll put into this one song.” – LSG)


“Smile Boy” (This song always put me in a good vibe. One of my faves.)


“Let’s Take On a Vacation” (Perfect song to end the fan meeting.)




Lee Seung Gi was surprised that his dance on ‘Master in the House’ went viral. The crowd were shouting for him to dance, he gamely stood up and gave a short sample of Twice’s TT and JYP’s Honey.



(I never thought a carrot would give me so much laughter.)



“Count on me through thick and thin
A friendship that will never end
When you are weak, I will be strong
Helping you to carry on
Call on me, I will be there, don’t be afraid
Please believe me when I say, count on…US!”

Lee Seung Gi said the video was so touching.

(We are always be here for you our ‘Prince’. And thank you so much to Lee Seung Gi Philipppines (AirenPH) admins for your efforts.)



vagabond voyage in manila

  • “I’ve been dreaming of meeting my Filipino fans for a long time. I’m so happy that it’s finally happening!”
  • “I’m always grateful for the warm welcome I receive. The welcome I got at the airport was very warm, however, tonight exceeds my expectation.”
  • “The first memory is really just the perfect memory. I’m so happy to finally meet my Filipino fans.”


vagabond voyage in manila

To those who did not have the chance to witness him up close, here are some of the highlights that happened during Lee Seung Gi’s Fan Meeting in Manila:


“BIG DATA : UPDATE TALK” (Lee Seung Gi will tell us more about what he’s been up to.)

vagabond voyage in manila

FAN MEETING: “In fan meetings, my favorite is singing for my fans.”

vagabond voyage in manilaPPERO: “If I don’t have food, Ppero doesn’t like me very much.”

AWARDS : “But if there’s an award for being the most diligent, hardworking… then I really want that.”

“VARIETY TALK : ENTERTAINER” (Lee Seung Gi talks about the variety shows he has appeared in.)

  • It starts with a highlight videos of his appearance in Master in the House.

  • He dances to Twice’s “TT”

  • Highlight video from Little Forest was played. And the kids from the show set Seung Gi a video message to show their support for him.


“VAGABOND : FILMO TALK” (Lee Seung Gi talks about his latest drama “Vagabond”)

They showed 3 “Best One Minute” clips from the drama.

  1. Chase Scene: When Seung Gi’s character was chasing a terorist.
  2. Best One Minute of Clumsiness: When Cha Dal Geon is auditioning to be a stuntman.
  3. The Last fluffy One Minute: Cha Dal Geon and Go Hae Ri airplane scene.
  • Lee Seung Gi’s co-workers and co-stars prepared a video message for the fans. The artists included in the video are: Yang Se hyung, Lee Sang Yoon, BTOB’s Sungjae, Yoon Se Yoon, Shin Sung Rook, Suzy, Park Min Young, Son Ye Jin, IU, F.T Island’s Hongki, EXO’s Sehun and IZ*ONE.


“DATE WITH A FAN” (Seung Gi will be making a lunchbox for a lucky Airen.)

  • LSG prepared a unique Kimbap, putting eggs, grapes and cheese. And a lucky Airen from the audience will get to try it.
  • He feeds the fan. The fan declared that the Kimbap actually tastes good. She even has signed Polaroid from Seung Gi.


“VON VOYAGE : RELAY GAME” (Winning team won their team a chance to have a group photos taken with Lee Seung Gi.)

  • Nine lucky fans got to play games with Lee Seung Gi.
  • TEAM A & B representatives take home signed posters, and TEAM C representatives, the winning team, got clothes that Seung Gi actually wore on Vagabond.


vagabond voyage in manila

  • Spotted in the audience was a fan wearing a wedding dress. And LSG says, “I didn’t know today was my wedding day.”


Indeed, Lee Seung Gi’s first fan meeting in Manila was a blast. The whole experience is now saved and forever embedded in our memories. Every moment was priceless and I’m sure the Filipino Airens will remember that night with a smile on their faces.


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Lastly, if we will describe in one phrase how enjoyable and successful the “Vagabond Voyage in Manila” that will be : ‘Lee Seung Gi is indeed worth the wait’. Thank you Lee Seung Gi for making good memories with your Filipino Airens. Let’s meet again!


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