The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

There will come a moment when it seems I’ve disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much when that happens. It just means I’m walking through the frozen moments of time. – Lee Gon

The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch Synopsis : Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho), a modern-day Emperor of the Kingdom of Corea, attempts to cross the barrier into an alternate reality where the Republic of Korea exists in the Kingdom’s stead. He comes across detective Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun), whom he recognises from an identity card he obtained during the turning-point of his childhood, his father’s assassination. Lee Gon’s half uncle, Lee Lim (Lee Jung-jin), who assassinated the previous king, Lee Ho (Lee Gon’s father), is in hiding and assembling armies whilst traversing back and forth between the two parallel worlds. (Source: Wikipedia)


The King: Eternal Monarch

  • Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon/ Lee Ji-hun
  • Kim Go-eun as Jung Tae-eul / Luna
  • Woo Do-hwan as Jo Eun-seob / Jo Yeong
  • Kim Kyung-nam as Kang Shin-jae
  • Jung Eun-chae as Goo Seo-ryung / Goo Eun-a
  • Lee Jung-jin as Lee Lim
  • Genre : Romance / Fantasy
  • Produced by Hwa&Dam Pictures and its parent company Studio Dragon, the series premiered on SBS TV and Netflix for the global audience on April 17, 2020.
  • No. of Episodes : 16
  • The series reunited actress Kim Go-eun and writer Kim Eun-sook, who had collaborated in 2016 on Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, as well as actor Lee Min-ho with writer Kim Eun-sook, who had collaborated before on The Heirs (2013).
  • While the ratings were generally low in Korea and the series struggled with lower-than-expected domestic popularity, it gained popularity abroad and was ranked first on Netflix in multiple countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand while airing.


  • I saw a lot of negative comments and reviews on this drama, but I found it entertaining. It had romance, humor, fight scenes and fantasy elements.
  • Interesting concept of parallel worlds and time travel.
  • I loved how many actors portrayed different characters from both worlds and they did such an amazing job portraying them.
  • I loved Yeong’s bromance with Lee Gon.

  • Woo Do Hwan stole the show with his dual roles as Jo Eun-seob and Jo Yeong. He won the heart of so many including mine. I’m really impressed with his performance.

Woo Do Hwan

  • I started The King: Eternal Monarch without much expectation and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

My Rating – 8.5/10



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  • Nicole San Miguel

    This is one of my favorite series of Lee Min Ho. Kakaiba ang story and may chemistry sila ni Kim Go-Eun <3

  • Jayne

    Im a fan of lee min ho in all of his kdramas. All of the kdrama he starred with is definitely different from the other and i can see how he adapts each and every character differently. Havent seen this one yet but will be looking forward to see it when i find time

  • Sonny Ramos

    Ganda nito, inumpisahan namin ito panuorin after ng Kingdom. Ganda ng story kasi based on science e, mapapa-search ka tuloy sa parallel universe πŸ™‚

  • Danica Airelle Marasigan

    I’m always intrigued by this series as my sister is really crazy over it. Haha first time also to see of a bromance in Korean series. By the looks of your review and my sister’s fanaticism, it’s worthy of binge watching.

  • Raising Kings PH

    It looks really interesting. However, I need to find time to start watching these Kdramas, I haven’t even finished Crash landing on you. TBH, it’s the having to read the subtitles that bogs me. But I’ll get there soon enough.

  • Wendyflor

    keber the negative comments, lol! I love how the series makes Gwanghwamun so cinematically beautiful. I’m also entertained with all the product placements the series has. this is a memorable series. not as highly applaud as CLoY and TWOM but hey, this is still one of the unforgettable ones.

  • Franze Garcia

    I have watched this series na and super angas nya talaga, I can still remember the scenes and the place. Pero disappointed dito si Comedy Queen. Haynako haha anyways, for me 8/10 to.

  • mumshienica

    Grabe katatapos ko lang panoorin to nung isang araw, sobrang satisfied ako sa ending niya. Sa umpisa mabagal lang yung storyline pero pinanood ko pa din dahil kay Lee Min-ho haha. Pero sa mga last few episodes nandun na talaga yung action so na enjoy ko na sya. Sobrang galing ni Woo Do Hwan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Therese

      I waited for a long time for Lee Min Ho Oppa’s comeback and this drama is a 10/10 for me. The storyline is every unique, Min Ho and Go Eun’s combo is adorable and I totally agree with you, Woo Do-hwan is a gem ✨

  • Misskhae

    Yung nagdadalawang isip akong basahin baka may spoiler kasi kakasimula ko lang manood neto HAHAHA but anyway I disregarded all the negative comments about this drama. Pinanood ko parin bec well, it’s Lee Min Ho and the parallel world really intrigues me to really watch this! πŸ˜€

  • Hazel

    I’ll always remember lee min ho from boys over flowers haha! parang ibang iba na itsura niya! πŸ˜… is it the nose or something? πŸ€”

  • Polly Amora

    My older sister is a Kdrama fangirl and just this morning, I was listening to her (and her daughter) gush about Lee Min-ho’s character, Lee Gon in The King:Eternal Monarch. She even stole… Ok, borrowed my Netflix password to watch it… Again.

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