Move to Heaven (2021)

“Although you can’t see someone, it doesn’t mean they are not with me. As long as you remember, they are not gone.”

Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven is inspired by the essay “Things Left Behind” by Kim Sae-byul, a former “trauma cleaner”. Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang), who has Asperger syndrome, and his ex-convict uncle Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon) meet for the first time after the sudden death of Geu-ru’s father. Entrusted as Geu-ru’s guardian, Sang-gu joins his nephew to help run the family trauma cleaning company “Move to Heaven”, where in the course of business they uncover untold stories about the deceased while Sang-gu tries to deal with his painful past with Geu-ru’s father as well as the traumatic incident that landed him in jail. (Source: Wikipedia)


  • Lee Je-hoon as Cho Sang-gu, an ex-convict and Geu-ru’s estranged uncle who becomes his guardian upon release from jail. He is blunt, smokes cigarettes, and moonlights as an underground MMA fighter.
  • Tang Jun-sang as Han Geu-ru, a 20-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder who works as a trauma cleaner for Move to Heaven, over which he took following his father’s death. He is smart, has an incredible memory and is extremely logical, abilities which he uses to uncover untold stories about the deceased through the collection of their important personal belongings.


  • Genre: Drama
  • No. of episodes: 10
  • The series was released worldwide by Netflix on May 14, 2021


  • The story was deep and meaningful and it was executed very well.
  • Every other episode has a beautiful message to deliver. Every story is different, and they are all as beautiful as they are heartbreaking.
  • The actors did a wonderful job with their roles.
  • Tang Jung Sang is simply amazing and very authentic as Geu-ru.
  • Lee Je Hoon is excellent and he can show a range of emotions.
  • All in all, Move to heaven is a must watch drama that will affect you for a while after your are done.

My Overall Rating – 8.5/10 (The story is heart wrenching in so many ways, but deeply moving.)


  • Someone I know once said that even the deceased can speak.
  • Dad says what makes a good person is how they try to understand others, not how they talk.
  • I was told not to say carelessly when you don’t know their story.
  • Two of us are looking at the same thing, but one sees love while the other sees hate.


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