Empress Ki (2013)

A leader bears defeat alone. But success is shared by all who stand and fight. The victory belongs to us all. – Wang Yoo

empress ki

Empress Ki Synopsis : Genghis Khan built an empire that spanned vast regions in East Asia and East Europe. And there was one woman who held immense power in the Yuan Dynasty, which Genghis Khan founded, for 37 years. She was neither of Mongol descent nor from the Han Chinese. She came from Goryeo, a small kingdom in the Far East. She was taken to Mongol against her will as a Gungnyeo (palace women) but somehow overcame her lowly status to become an empress in another land. Her name was Empress Ki. (Source : MyDramalist)

  • Ha Ji-won – Empress Ki / Ki Nyang / Ki Seung Nyang
  • Joo Jin-mo – Wang Yoo
  • Ji Chang-wook – Toghon Temür / Ta Hwan
  • Baek Jin-hee – Tanashiri (Danashiri)
  • Genre : Historical / Romance
  • It aired on MBC from October 28, 2013 to April 29, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays for 51 episodes.
  • A domestic and overseas hit, the series received the Golden Bird Prize for Serial Drama at the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards.
  • Ha Ji-won also won the Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Awards for her performance.


  • Empress Ki is a very compelling and powerful historical drama. The plot is so well-paced that you won’t feel like stopping even for a moment and won’t feel like skipping a single scene either.
  • There isn’t even one moment of boredom among the hundreds of little and big events that follow one another.
  • From the first episode you will feel thirsty to know how the things will develop and you’ll want more and more to know. I always find myself constantly clicking the next episode!
  • Acting was more than spectacular! From the main leads to the supporting ones everything was perfect.
  • Shout-out to my new crush Tal Tal (Kim Ji Han).
  • Ha Ji Won’s acting here is so real and raw that it breaks you every time and leaves you in awe.
  • I was impressed by Ji Chang Wook’s ability to convey a varied range of emotions. It made me fall in love with him.
  • I would recommend this drama to everyone. Don’t get surprised by its 51 episodes, it’s totally worth watching!

My Rating – 9.0/10

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