Doctors (2016)

Those who are destined to meet will eventually do so. The person I have to meet is here. – Hye Jung



Drama Profile:
  • Title: Doctors
  • Episodes: 20
  • Aired: Jun 20, 2016 – Aug 23, 2016
  • Original Network: SBS
  • Also known as: Doctor Crush
  • Genre: Medical / Drama / Romance
  • Written by: Ha Myung Hee (High Society)
  • Directed by: Oh Choong Hwan (My Love From The Star)
  • Main Cast: Kim Rae-won (Punch), Park Shin-hye (Pinocchio), Yoon Kyun-sang (Six Flying Dragons) and Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap)
  • Synopsis: Yoo Hye-jung (Park Shin-hye) was a headstrong girl in high school with a prickly, gangster personality. Due to her many childhood scars, Hye-jung keeps her heart closed towards other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won), who plays a key role in transforming her life from a “hopeless” delinquent to a compassionate doctor. They part ways subsequently but meet again after 13 years, when Yoo Hye-jung had become a doctor. (Source : Wikipedia)
K-drama Feels:
  • This drama showed how peoples different perspectives on life, love and relationships can cause misunderstandings, hurt, anger, acceptance and can change a person’s view on things by listening to the others perspective on it.
  • It’s a drama about personal growth and the positive effects of genuine love.
  • It doesn’t have the strongest plot and the story is weak but I love the quotes/life lesson in the beginning and end of every episode. 
  • I loved the music especially the That Love by Jung Yup.
  • Kim Rae Won is one of the most charming actors I’ve yet to discover in kdrama. He has a  great voice, interesting face, and lovely smile and he performs the first lead here perfectly. I enjoyed the drama more because of him.
  • If you’re looking for something with a good cast, cute relationships, some humor but nothing intense, then Doctors is a good option for you.


My Rating – 8.0/10 (This is not the medical drama for you if you’re hoping for a complex plot. It is good but not outstanding.)


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