The Time We Were Not in Love (2015)

The reason why you repeatedly look back on things that you’ve thrown away is not because you don’t know why you threw them away. It’s because you wonder maybe one day, you’ll need them. You can never know when that day will come. – Oh Ha Na

The Time We Were Not In Love

Oh Ha-Na (Ha Ji-Won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin-Wook) are both 34-years-old. They have been friends for 17 years. Oh Ha-Na is currently a career woman with an honest and confident personality. Choi Won works as an assistant purser for an airline. He has always helped Oh Ha-Na whenever she got into trouble. Cha Seo-Hoo (Yoon Gyun-Sang) is a pianist with a free spirit and Lee So-Eun (Choo Soo-Hyun) is a cabin attendant for an airline. Will Oh Ha-Na and Choi Won find love? (Source : AsianWiki)


The Time We Were Not in Love

  • Ha Ji-won as Oh Ha-na
  • Lee Jin-wook as Choi Won
  • Yoon Kyun-sang as Cha Seo-hoo
  • Choo Soo-hyun as Lee So-eun
  • Genre : Romance / Comedy / Drama
  • Adapted from the award-winning 2011 Taiwanese drama In Time with You.
  • It aired on SBS from June 27 to August 16, 2015 on Saturdays and Sundays for 16 episodes.

  • It’s a romantic melodrama depicting how two best friends eventually fell in love with each other.
  • I loved the story, it was pretty simple and coherent.
  • Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook have a good chemistry and it is fun to watch them fight and laugh.
  • I really loved Ha Ji Won’s fashion style.
  • Lee Jin Wook totally nailed his role in this drama and he has a certain charisma.
  • Overall, it’s an average drama, that’s enjoyable.

My Rating – 8/10


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