• Shooting Stars

    Sh**ting Stars (2022)

    Most people aren’t interested in the truth. They just casually gossip to entertain themselves. No one takes responsibility for the caused pain. – Oh Han Byeol Drama Profile: Title: Sh**ting Stars Episodes: 16 Aired: Apr 22, 2022 – Jun 11, 2022 Original Network: tvN Genre: Romantic comedy Written by: Choi Young Woo, Choi Yeon Seo Directed by: Lee Soo Hyun (The Witch’s Diner) Main Cast: Lee Sung-kyung (Dr. Romantic 2), Kim Young-dae (The Penthouse 3: War in Life), Yoon Jong-hoon (The Penthouse Season 3: War in Life), Kim Yoon-hye (Midnight Thriller), Lee Jung-shin (Longing Heart), and Park So-jin Synopsis: In…



    I must find the guy myself. I just need three things: pacemaker, the sound of my heart, and my back… If I find the mysterious guy, the story might change… – Eun Dan Oh It tells the story of students who realize that they are actually characters in a manhwa (Korean comic) and try to go against the plot of the manhwa. (Soompi) MAIN CAST Kim Hye-yoon as Eun Dan-oh (Secret and Neungsohwa) Rowoon as Number 13 / Ha-roo (Secret and Neungsohwa) Lee Jae-wook as Baek Kyung (Secret and Neungsohwa) Lee Na-eun as Yeo Joo-da (Secret) Jung Gun-joo as Lee…