K-drama Summary List (2021)

So heto na ang watched list ko for 2021. Work from home pa din ng buong taon kaya parang halos same lang ng bilang ang nadagdag tulad nung last year. Mas madami siguro ito kung nakakapanuod ako tuwing gabi, kaso medyo busy dahil sa online paninda ko kaya tuwing working hours ko lang naisasabay ang panunuod ng k-drama. Medyo madami na din yung mga di ko nagagawang k-drama feels sa blog na ito. Tiwala lang mahahabol ko din ang pending blog posts ko.


  • 25 – 2021 K-dramas
  • 21 – Old K-dramas (2004 – 2020)
  • 10 – K-movies
  • 2 – TV Show/Reality Show
  • 52 Episodes of On-going Variety Show (Master in the House)


Andaming magagandang k-drama nung 2021 at yung iba nasa plan-to-watch ko pa din, sana naman bago matapos ang 2022 mabawasan ng madami ang nasa list ko. Pero mukhang malabo yata kasi andami ko rin nakikitang magagandang k-drama ngayong taon. I need more watching hours at humahaba ang nasa list ko.


FANGIRL CLANG TOP FAVORITES: (in no particular order): (Heto yung mga ilang dramang napanuod ko nung 2021 na nagbigay sakin ng napakadaming FEELS. Mga dramang para sa akin ay 9/10 – 10/10 ang rating.)


RATING – 10/10

  • Mouse – This drama was definitely a masterpiece. Each episode is thought provoking, interesting and delivers right in terms of emotions. Hats off to the actors for their amazing performance through out the drama especially to my love Lee Seung Gi.
  • Full House – It’s one of the most popular dramas out there for a reason. The series was fun to watch and it has its own unique spark because of the amazing chemistry of the main leads. I really loved and enjoyed their bickering and antics. I would strongly recommend this drama, for an easy heartfelt watch, to make you laugh and cry.
  • New World (TV Show) – I really enjoyed New World and I would love to have more episodes to watch. This was absolutely funny and the cast have great chemistry. I hope to see a season 2 soon.

RATING – 9.0/10

  • True Beauty – True Beauty was really a fun ride. A must watch series!
  • Doom At Your Service – I personally enjoyed and loved every single moment of this series. The chemistry between PBY and SIG was on point and their emotions are expressed so well in every scene. If you are looking for a drama that can make your heart flutter, make you laugh, make you smile, make you cry, watch this!
  • So I Married an Anti-fan – A typical feel good romance and entertaining drama to watch. The chemistry between Choi Tae Joon and Choi Soo Young is so adorable. A cliché kdrama but I really enjoyed it.
  • Good Manager – This drama is worth your time, not at all boring, every single episode will keep you entertained. I loved every interactions between every characters in the series. Bromance was epic, TQ’s Psycho & Gluttonous Sociopath are just sooo cute. If you are looking for laughter, humor, a good comedy story and great actors; you must watch this drama.
  • Hometown Cha Cha Cha – A refreshing, realistic and relatable story. This feel-good drama with perfect comedic and tear-jerk timing was so fun to watch. Hometown Cha Cha Cha has been a roller coaster of emotion, every episode has been worth my time. What an enjoyable ride it was and I’m grateful to the smile this series put on my face.
  • Happiness – This was a nicely done show. Not one episode was boring with all the zombies, scheming and danger. I found myself entertained and waiting in anticipation for the next episode. Adding great chemistry between the cast made this drama a pure joy.
  • One Ordinary Day – This drama series definitely has all the elements of a worthwhile watch. Intense, emotional and exciting. The two male leads’ acting is worth every second spent. The ending is just so bittersweet.




    1. HYDE, JEKYLL, ME (2015)
    2. KKONDAE INTERN (2020)
    3. TRUE BEAUTY (2020)
    4. BOYS OVER FLOWERS (2009)
    5. MR. QUEEN (2020)
    7. GOONG (2006)
    8. THE PENTHOUSE 2: WAR IN LIFE (2021)
    9. HE IS PSYCHOMETRIC (2019)
    10. HELLO, ME! (2021)
    11. VINCENZO (2021)
    12. GUNMAN IN JOSEON (2014)
    13. NAVILLERA (2021)
    14. MOUSE (2021)
    15. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL (2009)
    16. MOVE TO HEAVEN (2021)
    17. ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK (2019)
    18. LAW SCHOOL (2021)
    19. BEYOND EVIL (2021)
    20. DOCTOR STRANGER (2014)
    21. DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE (2021)
    22. YOUTH OF MAY (2021)
    23. PLAYFUL KISS (2010)
    24. MAD FOR EACH OTHER (2021)
    25. BRING IT ON, GHOST (2016)
    26. MY ROOMMATE IS A GUMIHO (2021)
    27. FULL HOUSE (2004)
    28. MINE (2021)
    29. EMERGENCY COUPLE (2014)
    30. SISYPHUS: THE MYTH (2021)
    31. THE K2 (2016)
    32. D.P. (2021)
    33. QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN (2012)
    34. THE PENTHOUSE 3: WAR IN LIFE (2021)
    35. SO I MARRIED AN ANTI-FAN (2021)
    37. SQUID GAME (2021)
    38. HOSPITAL PLAYLIST 2 (2021)
    39. GOOD MANAGER (2017)
    40. THE DEVIL JUDGE (2021)
    41. HOMETOWN CHA CHA CHA (2021)
    42. TOMORROW WITH YOU (2017)
    43. SHE WOULD NEVER KNOW (2021)
    44. THE UNCANNY COUNTER (2020)
    45. HAPPINESS (2021)
    46. ONE THE WOMAN (2021)
    47. ONE ORDINARY DAY (2021)


    1. SPACE SWEEPERS (2021)
    2. 200 POUNDS BEAUTY (2006)
    3. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016)
    4. SWEET & SOUR (2021)
    5. CANOLA (2016)
    6. MY P.S PARTNER (2012)
    8. HOT YOUNG BLOODS (2014)
    9. BLIND (2011)
    10. PIPELINE (2021)


    • BUSTED 3 (2021)
    • NEW WORLD (2021)
    • MASTER IN THE HOUSE Episode 152-199


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