Gunman in Joseon (2014)

Feeling embarrassed is for people who did something wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong, so there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed. You should rather feel proud. You created your own destiny and now you’ve become a great woman. –Park Yoon Kang


Gunman in Joseon Synopsis: In the 19th century in Joseon, there is a fight between gunmen and swordsmen. Then, Park Yoon Kang’s father is the army Commander who are being ordered to catch the gunmen, led by Choi Won Shin. But he’s later killed by one of them and also charged with treason by the King. Park Yoon Kang then manages to escape from Joseon and goes to Japan. 3 years later, he returns with a new identity and skills. He is determined to find the truth about her father and revenge his father’s death. But, along the way, there are a few obstacles that he has to go through in order to complete his mission. (Source: Viu)

  • Lee Joon-gi as Park Yoon-kang/Hasegawa Hanjo
    Estranged from his father Park Jin-han, Yoon-kang lives an indolent life, drinking and flirting at the gisaeng house while performing daredevil acts with his sword for extra tips.
  • Nam Sang-mi as Jung Soo-in
    Soo-in is a feisty and intelligent noblewoman, despite her sheltered upbringing.
  • Jeon Hye-bin as Choi Hye-won
    A cold-hearted, unapproachable merchant’s daughter.
  • Han Joo-wan as Kim Ho-kyung
    He leads a lonely existence due to his status as the illegitimate son of Minister Kim Byung-je.
  • Yu Oh-seong as Choi Won-shin
    A merchant and assassin with an expressionless face and a heart full of ambition which was driven by a past of being humiliated by those in higher ranks.
  • Genre: Historical / Action‎ / Drama ‎/ Romance
  • It aired on KBS2 from June 25 to September 4, 2014 for 22 episodes.

It started off well but somehow the story lost in the middle up to the end. While it isn’t perfect, it is interesting and exciting (for most parts). It’s a decent watch.

The way revenge and violence is portrayed in this series is commendable.

I liked the relationship between Yoon Kang And Soo In. There was not much stirring passion or great chemistry, but there was a strong kind of bonding and affection.

Lee Joon Gi delivered his role perfectly and didn’t disappoint one bit. I enjoyed his awesome fighting scenes. It was highly entertaining to see Park Yoon Kang fight off the bad guys.

My Overall Rating – 8.0/10 (The fight scenes were awesome, and as usual, Lee Joon Gi executes his action scenes flawlessly. That alone should be a reason to watch the drama.)

  • Fighting is not about charging in first. It’s making sure you can win first, and then confirming that. – Park Yoon Kang’s saviour
  • Politics should be natural like the flow of water. It’s about compromising and yielding to proceed slowly. – Kim Jwa Young
  • But there isn’t much time allowed for Joseon to do that. If there is no tail wind, we need to paddle the boat to move forward. – King Gojong
  • The boat can’t cross the river by paddling on one side. It should be paddled on the opposite side as well. That’s called balance. If that is lost, the boat will flip. – Kim Jwa Young
  • Forget about everything that happened in the past. We don’t need to try to remember the things that we don’t want to. – Choi Won Sin
  • You can’t gather back the water that already spilled. – Park Yoon Kang
  • A real businessman is someone who can recognize a real chance and grab it. – Park Yoon Kang


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