Black (2017)

They say your heart recognizes the one you want to be with. – Han Moo Gang.


Black is the story of a grim reaper who is forced to track down his fugitive partner. In the process, he uncovers the truth about a series of cold case murders from 20 years ago. Investigating the murders complicates the reaper’s primary role of guiding the deceased to their respective afterlife, especially after he falls in love with a mortal woman – which leads him to break supernatural rules against involvement in human affairs. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Song Seung-heon as Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
  • Go Ara as Kang Ha-ram
  • Lee El as Yoon Soo-wan
  • Kim Dong-jun as Oh Man-soo
  • Genre : Romance / Fantasy / Thriller / Comedy
  • It aired on OCN from October 14 to December 10, 2017.
  • No. of episodes : 18
  • In the Philippines, the series aired on ABS-CBN both Han Moo-gang and Kang Ha-ram are renamed as Marlon and Sarah respectively. The series re-aired on Asianovela Channel.
  • Internationally, the show is available on Netflix.


  • This show has supernatural elements, comedy, romance, and crime – suitable for many viewers.
  • Every episode is filled with revelations, and plot twists. Every given answer raised another question.
  • I struggled a little bit to follow the plot. Sometimes it feels like you need a flowchart to keep up because it does get quite confusing.
  • Lack of chemistry between the female lead and the male lead.
  • Song Seung Heon is amazing.
  • I’m not impressed with Go Ara’s acting, I find her character annoying!
  • Overall, this is an intense drama, and it’s good for people who are tired of shallow stories and predictable plots.

My Rating – 8/10

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