The Package (2017)

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The Package

The Package Synopsis : Yoon So So relocates to France with her college boyfriend–despite her parents’ disapproval. A few years later, her boyfriend heartlessly returns to Korea without So So. Then to remain in France earning her Ph.D., she works as a tour guide. She leads the “Luxurious Premium Tour Packages: 1 Week in France”. So So always does her best so that travelers can create great memories together. This show covers one of those tours. This series’ particular group was fractious and troublesome despite its small size. The seven tourists included a man who came without his girlfriend, a couple that has been together for 7 years, an older couple comprised of a demanding & complaining husband and his mellow wife, and a man traveling with a younger woman. The group members couldn’t be more troublesome–especially, San Ma Roo, the solo male traveler. He fought with his girlfriend 3 days before the trip and then left her behind at the office while he still takes a vacation. He is a nuisance from day one when he is trapped in customs. Surprisingly, during the trip, So So learns that Ma Roo just might be her fated lover. (Source : MyDramalist)

  • Lee Yeon-hee as Yoon So-so
  • Jung Yong-hwa as San Ma-roo
  • Genre : Drama
  • No. of episodes : 12
  • It aired in both South Korea and China. In South Korea, it aired on JTBC from October 13, 2017.
  • The Package was the first pre-produced drama by JYP Pictures.


  • A feel good drama… expect to laugh, cry, and sigh deeply and possibly want to book a trip to France.
  • I feel like I’ve gone on a tour of France and a tour of these people’s lives, all within 12 episodes.
  • It’s so light hearted yet leaves a strong impact on the viewers.
  • I loved how they focused on each pair for each episode.
  • It was so beautiful to watch and endearing to follow our main cast on the tour package. It feels like I’m travelling with them, too.
  • It is very simple yet it keeps the watcher intrigued. There were so many unexpected twists which I really loved. From the first episode to the last, it was never a boring and dull moment!
  • My only complaint is that it is too short with just 12 episodes. Wish it was a little longer. Season 2, please!
  • Go for it if you want a relaxing and heartwarming watch!

My Rating – 8/10

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