Mouse (2021)

    Please protect me, My Lord, don’t let anything happen to me, become a monster like Sung Yo Han. I prayed to the Almighty, I wouldn’t become a monster. – Jung Ba Reum Mouse Synopsis: A suspenseful story that asks the key question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” A crazed serial killer’s ruthless murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear, and chaos reigns. Justice-seeking rookie police officer, Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer. While he survives his dangerous encounter with the psychopath, Jung Ba Reum finds his life completely changing before his…

  • Korean Dramas To Watch in March

    Korean Dramas To Watch in March 2021

    Here are some of the Korean Dramas you might want to add to your March Plan-To-Watch List:   PREMIERING IN MARCH   “Mouse” is a mystery thriller set in a world where humans can identify psychopaths through a DNA test on a fetus in a mother’s womb. Lee Seung Gi (Vagabond) stars in the drama as Jung Ba Reum, an upstanding rookie police officer who is passionate about justice. Lee Hee Joon plays Go Moo Chi, a hardened detective whose parents were murdered when he was young and is willing to resort to any means necessary to avenge their deaths.…