My P.S Partner (2012)

“Love itself is obvious, you meet, love, part away, get hurt and you meet again. I bet people get married because they get tired of repeating those.”

My P.S Partner

Movie Profile:
  • Title: My P.S Partner
  • Also known as: Whatcha Wearin’?
  • Release Date: December 6, 2012
  • Genre: Romantic comedy film
  • Written by: Byun Sung-hyun and Kim Min-soo
  • Directed by: Byun Sung-hyun
  • Main Cast: Ji Sung (Protect the Boss) and Kim Ah-joong (200 Pounds Beauty)
  • Where to watch: Netflix / Loklok 
  • Synopsis: After learning that his ex-girlfriend has a fabulous new boyfriend, Hyun Seung (Ji Sung) spends his nights wracked with insomnia and jealousy. Then one night, a phone call from a sexy stranger breathes new life into his gray existence. Even with her enviable looks and a successful boyfriend, Yun Jung (Kim Ah-joong) feels love deprived. While attempting to spice up her relationship, Yun Jung resorts to giving her boyfriend a steamy phone call… only to find that the guy on the other end is someone else and she just can’t quit him! (Source: MyDramalist)


K-movie Feels:

Story: This was hilarious, cute and fun to watch. Pang mature audiences siya dahil may nudity at sex scenes, medyo nashocked lang ako ng konti kasi di ako sanay makapanuod ng ganun. 

Acting/Cast: The main leads portrayed their characters perfectly. The supporting cast did an awesome job as well. The actors were quite natural I think. You love them instantly and feel connected to them. As expected, ang galing ni Jisung at naaliw ako dun sa kanta niya.

Overall: It’s a pretty good movie. Kung keri lang manuod ng mga erotic moments and some nudity, then give this a shot, you’ll laugh and go “aww” at the same time.   


My Rating – 8.0/10 (The romance was great and the story was good. This movie is definitely for mature audiences.)


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