Know Why Park Hae Jin Said “Masarap” During His Fan Meeting in Manila

I just wanna share the sparkling night spent with my favorite sunbaenim Park Hae Jin.


(first published on November 26, 2019 in Chingu To The World)

November 23, 2019 was an unforgettable night for Park Hae Jin’s fans who attended his fan meeting entitled Spark which was held at the New Frontier Theater in Manila. Park Hae Jin did not disappoint, giving PH Jin fans a sparkling night with fun and laughter making his first fan meeting in Manila a memorable one.

Here are 10 memorable moments that happened at Park Hae Jin’s Spark fan meeting:


1. He talked about his new drama “Secret” and hoping that everyone will support it. And he gladly shared that they filmed some scenes in Manila.



2. He gamely tried some Filipino dishes. Good thing Park Hae Jin has an adventurous palate during the Manila fan meeting which made the filipino audience proud.


  • Pork Adobo – it reminds him of Korea’s daeji galbi. His verdict? “Masarap!”
  • Sisig –he ate mouthful of it and said he wanted rice. His verdict? “Masarap!”
  • Lechon Manok – he revealed that he likes lechon a lot and he even asked to take home the leg part. His verdict? “Masarap!”
  • Bibingka – he was fascinated by this dessert and it reminds him of a rice cake in Korea. His verdict? “Masarap!”
  • Sapin-sapin – he struggled a bit eating this dessert but still his verdict was “Masarap!”

He really enjoyed eating the Filipino food offerings. And I really love how he exclaims “Masarap!” every time for the food.


3. His cute observation about the spoons here in the Philippines is a lot lighter than Korea spoons and he said that the names of our dishes are so cute.



4. Park Hae Jin tried to speak Tagalog phrases to lucky fans.

  • Ang ganda mo.
  • Date tayo, ah?
  • Mahal na mahal na mahal kita!
  • Salamat sa pagpunta.

He ended this segment saying “Mahal ko kayo’.



5. Two lucky fans joined Park Hae Jin onstage to re-enact scenes from his dramas “Man to Man” and “Cheese in the Trap”.


I really like the touching message of an American fan, who flew all the way from Seoul, “This guy makes it worth it… thank you for who you are and what you do.”


6. Park Hae Jin went down to the audience to choose four lucky fans to re-create “Bad Guys” poster. This drama is very close to his heart because it’s one of his favourite dramas that he worked on.



7. One of my favourite moments with his fan meet is his special performance of “As Long as You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys.


8. “I was worried at first that I might not have fans here in the Philippines. But I when I got here, I saw how passionate my Filipino fans are and I’m happy.” (when asked what he thinks of his Manila fan meet.)


9. PH Jin fans prepared a special VTR which contains fans messages to him and a video showing some of their charitable works they did on behalf of Park Hae Jin.


10. His closing remark: “Thank you so much for supporting me. Because of you, I have courage to come back here. I want to go back to Manila soon. My drama “Secret” will be coming out next year. I’ll try getting another drama next year, so you’ll see me at least two times.”


It was indeed a sparkling night well spent with our favourite sunbaenim Park Hae Jin. The memories that have shared will always remain in the hearts of the PH Jin fans.

Park Hae Jin’s Spark fan meeting


Event brought to us by Artist League Manila.


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  • Jowjow Mojos (@FoodFlings.PH)

    aWW This is so cute! The setup of the fanmeet was really created to give fans so many goosebumps! If I were a fan, I would have totally went gaga too! And he is masarap too huh! 🙂

  • Hazel Salcedo

    Aww i’m glad he likes the Filipino dishes he tried during the event! And also he seemed such a nice genuine guy, no doubt he’s loved and admired by many Filipinos!

    • nicolepaler

      Pretty nice that he enjoyed the food. I do hope that the sisig they served to him is pretty hot and crispy! WHO WOULDNT SAY MASARAP TO SISIG anyways hahaha! I do miss these times though, where we can go out and see concerts in person. Watching via zoom is just not the same.

  • Christian Foremost

    Awwww. He looks so warm and happy here. Most of his roles kasi are the serious and mysterious type. Ugh, i love him and I would have exploded with joy if i got to see him irl. Maybe someday. Huhu


    Aww nakakatuwa kasi he has tried a few dishes tapos madami words and phrases pang natutunan. Walang di masarap sa food natin haha! Walanpa ko mapapanood sa series nya!

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