Kkondae Intern (2020)

This man might be my savior who came to ruin my life. – Ga Yeol Chan

kkondae intern

Kkondae Intern is an office comedy that depicts a man’s delightful revenge on his previous boss who is also the worst manager.

Ka Yeol-chan (Park Hae-jin) had a bad internship experience because of a nasty and an overbearing boss. He quits his job and starts working in a ramen company. With his sheer hard work, he develops a chicken noodle which becomes a top product and gets elevated to the position of a general manager.

Lee Man-sik (Kim Eung-soo) is a manager at Ongol Ramen Department, and has a reputation as a “terror senior”.

After 30 years in the company, he loses hope of being promoted to an executive position before retirement. So he takes and passes the Senior Internship at Junsu Food.

A reversal of fate occurs and now Lee Man-sik starts working as an intern at the same company and is assigned under Ka Yeol-chan. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Park Hae-jin as Ga Yeol-chan
  • Kim Eung-soo as Lee Man-sik
  • Also known as Old School Intern
  • Genre : Comedy-drama
  • The series aired every Wednesday and Thursday from May 20, 2020 on MBC TV for 24 episodes (30mins).
  • Based on the winning script from MBC’s 2018 drama writing contest.
  • A kkondae is a person who forces others to accept their old-fashioned beliefs regardless of how old they are.


  • I have low expectations for this because business or office drama can be a boring subject.
  • The length of the drama was just enough as well for the story to be well presented.
  • The humor is hilarious but there is also a darker back story.
  • Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo portrayed their character so well and their bromance is unique because of the age gap.
  • Overall, Kkondae Intern was unexpectedly quite enjoyable.

My Rating – 8.0/10

  • Even if people talk about you, you can easily subdue them through your competence. – Koo Ja Suk
  • It’s only difficult to make things successful. Ruining things is a piece of cake. – Lee Man Sik
  • Did you think they’d like you if you were always nice to them? If you’re nice to them, your subordinates will think you’re just a big pushover. – Lee Man Sik
  • If you want to sell an item, make them feel like they need it. They may not need it at the moment, but make them feel like they do. That’s the basic of sales. – Lee Man Sik
  • I realized that I had been too quick to judge based on my standards without remembering how clumsy I had been in the beginning. I looked down on them just like the people who had looked down on me. – Ga Yeol Chan
  • If I disappoint you again, don’t try so hard to forgive me. – Lee Man Sik


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