The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)

Even if I go deaf, I’ll hear her. Even if I go blind, I’ll recognize her! – Do Min Ik

The Secret Life of My Secretary

The Secret Life of My Secretary Synopsis : A department manager of a mobile media company getting to know his friends and foes after losing his ability to recognize faces, and teaming up with his secretary to try and solve the mystery while falling in love. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Kim Young-kwang as Do Min-ik
    An intelligent, yet a needy and problematic boss who works at T&T Mobile Media. He calls out for his secretary for everything.
  • Jin Ki-joo as Jung Gal-hee
    An obedient, lively secretary who has a harsh way of talking.
  • Kim Jae-kyung as Veronica Park/Park Ok-sun
    CEO of film production company Cine Park. She boasts excellence in her work but has an audacious personality and a messy personal life.
  • Koo Ja-sung as Ki Dae-joo
    Best friend of Do Min-ik and who heads a different team at T&T Mobile Media. He is capable of stealing hearts with his talent as well as his gentle and sweet personality. He is the love interest of Veronica Park.
  • Genre : Romantic comedy
  • It aired from May 6 to June 25, 2019 for 32 episodes (35mins).


  • It was a fun drama. I think the key to enjoy this series is to not expect too much or overanalyze the plot.
  • The chemistry of the main couple is extremely cute.
  • I liked the romance and how it progressed.
  • I was charmed by Do Min Ik.
  • Gal Hee was adorable.
  • I loved Veronica Park. She was endearing, funny, smart and certainly a scene stealer.
  • Overall a cute drama, very funny and it’s exactly what I needed. If you can switch your brain off and just enjoy good chemistry and funny scenes then watch this series.

My Rating – 8.5/10

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