• mad for each other

    Mad For Each Other (2021)

    “People who are truly happy don’t bully or hurt others. Because if you are really happy, you don’t need to put your mind at ease by purposely condemning and hurting others.” Drama Profile: Title: Mad For Each Other Episodes: 13 Aired: May 24, 2021 – Jun 21, 2021 Original Network: Netflix Genre: Comedy, Romance Written by: Ah Kyung Directed by: Lee Tae Gon (Diary of a Prosecutor) Main Cast: Jung Woo (Reply 1994) and Oh Yeon-seo (Love With Flaws) Where to watch: Netflix Synopsis: Noh Hwi-oh (Jung Woo) works as a detective. He thinks that he has a pretty decent life. One day, an…


    Reply 1994 (2013)

    When everything – city and people was frightening. On that unfamiliar land, the place where we wouldn’t be outsiders was…the only place that made us feel safe was this place, my home. – Na Jung Reply 1994 Synopsis : Set in 1994, six university students from various provincial areas live together at a boarding house in Sinchon, Seoul, which is run by a couple with a daughter named Na Jung. The timeline moves back and forth between the past in 1994 and the present in 2013, making the viewers guess who will become Na Jung’s husband among the male characters.…