Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

“To become lovers from friends is simple. One person has to take a step closer. And that one step changes their relationship.” – Ahn Min-Hyuk

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is about an immensely disregarded but strong woman named Do Bong Soon who was born with Herculean strength. She meets a very unique man who has an abundance of crazy energy and ends up falling in love with him. (Soompi)

  • Park Bo-young as Do Bong-soon
  • Park Hyung-sik as Ahn Min-hyuk
  • Ji Soo as In Guk-doo
  • Genre : Fantasy / Thriller / Action / Romantic comedy
  • It aired on JTBC from February 24 to April 15, 2017.
  • No. of episodes : 16
  • The series was a commercial hit and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history.
  • The drama serves as a reunion between Park Hyung-sik and Yoo Jae-myung who previously worked together in the KBS2 drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.
  • Philippines: Premiered on October 4, 2017, as part of GMA Network’s The Heart of Asia under the title Strong Girl Bong-soon.


  • Funny. Cute. Thrilling. Romantic. Nakakakilig.
  • I can’t enumerate all the funny moments caused by Bong Soon’s strength. There’s a lot to mention. Park Bo Young is so cute.
  • I love Ahn Min-Hyuk. He got that angst of a CEO and at the same time the cuteness whenever he can’t contain his feelings for Do Bong Soon. Park Hyung Sik is so lovable and is the definition of #BoyfriendGoals.
  • Major kiligs with Hyung-sik and Bo-young! Their chemistry is perfect. They will always be my favorite Kdrama couple.
  • Cute relationship goals. If ever, I would like to rewatch moments with MinMin and BongBong.
  • The OST was good. My personal favorites are Heartbeat by Suran / Because of You by Park Hyung Sik.
  • It’s a great show to watch if you want a good laugh and cheesy feels. It felt so real that I can’t help but smile like an idiot most of the time.
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a drama that you’ll have a lot of fun with. Just pay attention to the leads and the hilarious moments then you’ll really enjoy this drama.

My Rating: 9/10

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