Queen for Seven Days (2017)

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Queen for Seven Days

Queen for Seven Days Synopsis : Based on the tragic Joseon legend, this drama is about the love story between King Jung Jong and his Queen Dan Kyung, who was crowned and deposed within the span of a week due to rival political factions that controlled the king’s rule. According to historical legend, after the queen was dethroned and removed from the palace, the king would walk to the outside royal pavilion every day and sigh as he gazed at a mountain in her direction. After hearing this, she placed a red skirt, her favorite to wear in the palace, on a rock on the mountain face so he would know that she was well and that she still yearned for him. (Source : MyDramalist)

  • Park Min-young as Shin Chae-kyung, later Queen Dan-kyung
  • Yeon Woo-jin as Lee Yeok, also known as Prince Jinseong-daegun and “Nak-chun”; later King Jungjong
  • Lee Dong-gun as Lee Yoong, also known as King Yeonsangun
  • Genre : Historical / Romance / Political / Melodrama
  • It aired on KBS2 from May 31, 2017 to August 3, 2017.
  • No. of episodes : 20
  • In March 2017, it was announced that Park Min-young will be re-teaming with director Lee Jung-sub on Queen for Seven Days. They previously worked together on Glory Jane (2011) and Healer (2014-15).


  • It is a mixture of family rivalries, revenge, obsessive love, star crossed lovers. This story is inspired by the true story of Queen Dangyeong, from the title itself it is given a hint as she was Queen for only a week.
  • There are some boring scenes/episodes, but overall, it was an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Lee Dong Gun’s performance was impressive and chilling at times. You would hate him and at the same time pity and love him.
  • I like both the young actors that portrayed the main lead. They’re really good actors and I actually can feel their emotions!
  • Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min Young were perfect for their role.
  • Min-young did a great job in portraying Shin Chae Gyung.
  • Heartbreaking ending, but it was a beautiful drama and I don’t regret watching it!
  • So if you enjoy historicals of the political romance kind, be sure to check out Queen for Seven Days.

My Rating – 8.5/10

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