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    Full House (2004)

    There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. But our marriage is a marriage too. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. I’m never coming back. Let’s do our best. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then. – Han Ji Eun   Drama Profile: Title: Full House Episodes: 16 Aired: Jul 14, 2004 – Sep 2, 2004 Original Network: KBS2 Notes: Adapted from the manhwa “Full House” by…


    10 K-dramas Based on Manhwas

    WHAT IS A MANHWA? Manhwa is the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons (common usage also includes animated cartoons). Outside Korea, the term usually refers to South Korean comics.   Here is a list of 10 K-dramas based on manhwas :   Full House (2004) Based on the manhwa Full House by Won Soo-yeon Genre : Romance / Comedy / Drama Episodes : 16 Main Cast : Song Hye-kyo, Rain, Han Eun-jung and Kim Sung-soo “Full House” is a classic love story between a famous star and normal woman. The two decide to have a contract marriage while…