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    Marry My Husband (2024)

    I longed for the happiness I’ve never had, yet here I am, with my good old friend, unhappiness. – Kang Jiwon Drama Profile: Title: Marry My Husband Episodes: 16 Aired: Jan 1, 2024 – Feb 20, 2024 Original Network: tvN Genre: Revenge Drama | Workplace | Time Travel | Romantic Comedy | Fantasy Written by: Shin Yoo Dam (Awaken) Directed by: Park Won Gook (Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist) Main Cast: Park Min-young (Love in Contract), Na In-woo (Longing for You), Lee Yi-kyung (Secret Royal Inspector), and Song Ha-yoon (Oh! Youngsim) Synopsis: “Marry My Husband” tells the revenge story of the…


    Secret Royal Inspector (2020)

    Drama Profile: Title: Secret Royal Inspector Episodes: 16 Aired: Original Network: Also known as: Genre: Historical; Comedy drama; Detective Written by: Directed by: Main Cast: Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Yi-kyung Synopsis: Set in the era of Joseon dynasty the series revolves around Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo), a state examination top scorer who works in the administrative and research department of the government office. He is caught gambling and as punishment, he is re-assigned to a new position as a secret royal inspector to investigate the corrupt practices of public officers. Yi-gyum carries out his new job with the help…


    Eulachacha Waikiki (2018)

    If you can’t do what you like because you’re worried of this and that, would your life be happy? Won’t you regret it later? Eulachacha Waikiki Synopsis : Three very different young men – Dong Goo, the bad luck incarnate who dreams of becoming a film director, Joon Ki, an eccentric actor who performs to make a living, and Doo Shik, a freelancer writer who fiddles around doing nothing most of the time – open a guest house named “Waikiki” in Itaewon where many foreigners come to stay. Although they have no clue how to run it, they’re eager to…