• A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol (2022)

    Il-woo, would you like me to sing you a christmas carol? – Wol-woo Movie Profile: Title: A Christmas Carol Release Date: Dec 7, 2022 Genre: Action Thriller Film Notes: Based on novel “Christmas Carol” by Joo Won-Kyu (published December 12, 2016 by Jaeumgwamoeum) Written and Directed by: Kim Sung Soo (Save Me) Main Cast: Park Jin Young (Yumi’s Cells 2), Kim Young Min (Military Prosecutor Doberman), Kim Dong Hwi (In Our Prime), Song Geon Hee (Alice, the Final Weapon) and Heo Dong Won Synopsis: Joo Il-Woo (Jin Young) and Joo Wol-Woo (Jin Young) are identical twin brothers. On the morning…