The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon (2022)

The world is dominated by those born with a golden spoon in their mouths. – Lee Seung Cheon

Drama Profile:
  • Title: The Golden Spoon
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Sep 23, 2022 – Nov 12, 2022
  • Original Network: MBC
  • Genre: Fantasy | Mystery | Drama
  • Notes: Based on Naver hit webtoon of the same name by HD3 which was published in 2016.
  • Written by: Kim Eun Hee (Ghost Doctor), Yoon Eun Kyung (Prime Minister and I)
  • Directed by: Song Hyun Wook (The King’s Affection), Lee Han Joon (Check Out the Event)
  • Main Cast: Yook Sung-jae (Mystic Pop-Up Bar), Lee Jong-won (In Your Dream), Jung Chae-yeon (The King’s Affection), and Yeonwoo (Dali and the Cocky Prince)
  • Synopsis: “The Golden Spoon” is a drama about a student born into a poor family who uses a magical golden spoon to swap fates with a friend born into a wealthy family. (Source: Soompi)
K-drama Feels:
  • Interesting plot but the biggest flaw of the story is giving out way too many golden spoon. It kind of reduced the importance of an otherwise powerful selling point.
  • Golden Spoon has managed to convey the rich versus poor comparison very well, albeit, they showed it in a way that poor is synonymous with good and rich is synonymous with evil.
  • Great acting. The characters were really well made and you can instantly tell that they have so much chemistry together.
  • The beginning of the series was well done, but after the series came to the middle parts, it started to be processed slowly.
  • Even though there were times that I didn’t actually like how the story goes but I did enjoy the whole series.
  • If you love fantasy you will like this.
  • The series beautifully portrayed a poetic message about life — that everything comes with a price, yet money is not everything.


My Rating – 8.5/10 (Is it perfect? NO, but it was very good.)


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